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Snake Hunting on the Devil's Highway
Humorous Tales From The Glory Days of Snake Hunting

Two unlikely friends traveled hundreds of miles each summer to spend a few days and nights hunting for snakes, and found themselves in the middle of situations (sometimes dangerous - always funny).  More then snakes were encountered on the summer trips, however; and, through humorous short stories, other desert creatures are discussed, including bats, arachnids, lizards, frogs, toads, turtles, birds, skunks, insects, spiders, rabbits, coatimundis, rangers, law enforcement official and other two and four-legged critters.
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Dog Ear Publishing
160 pages
Talei Publishers
With original artwork by Richard Ignarski
296 Pages
Snakey Joe Post, 
Guardian of the Treasure

Joe Post, an uneducated young farmer, has an unusual way with animals. He leads a happy but solitary life in the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains.  One day he stumbles upon a treasure of incalculable value.  He wants nothing to do with it but realizes that he must do everything to keep it from the ruthless outlaws who robbed the bank in Monterrey and raided the sacred cathedral in Matamoros.
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Five Star Publishing
236 pages
The Legend of Russian Bill:
 Based on the Real-Life Story of William R. Tettenborn

In 1880 an unusually tall and handsome man rides into Tombstone on a pure white horse. He has long yellow hair and mustache and is dressed in white buckskin clothes with fringes. He claims he was a nobleman in Russia and that his mother is royalty. He tells of hunts with Buffalo Bill, of meeting with President Grant and shaking hands with important generals like Sherman and Custer. He claims to have killed four men and shows the notches on his guns. He tells of his mission to find Curly Bill Brocius so he can join his band of outlaws. People listen to the wild stories because he buys them drinks. Privately they think he is a liar and a braggart.
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