Praise for Snakey Joe Post, Guardian of the Treasure...

​"Author Lapidus places Joe Post and all his unusual friends right into Arizona History telling their story with Tombstone and its characters as background in their adventures."
Ben T. Traywick, City of Tombstone Historian (retired)

"They're all here, Wyatt, Doc, Ringo, Clantons, the O.K. Corral, sheriff Behan and more.  Anytime an author as well versed in Tombstone history
as Richard Lapidus writes a novel interwoven with such a colorful cast of characters, my money's on the table for a copy.  Pronto."
Jim Easterbrook, Program Host: Legacy of the West

"The legend of a horde of Cochise County cowboys raiding deep into Mexico after a priceless (church) artifacts, silver bullion and other booty has been around since Walter Noble Burns wrote about it in his (1927) best seller "Tombstone: An Illiad of the Southwest."  This blood and thunder tale by Richard Lapidus reminds us all that the truth is still out there."
James J. "Jim" Schiffer, Sheriff: Chicago Corral of the Westerners

"Truth or Fiction? Therein lies the question.  This action-toned work blends both to near perfection.  The end result?  Very entertaining indeed."  
Drew J. Gomber, Western History Writer and Commentator

Praise for Snake Hunting on the Devil's Highway...

"I read this a few years ago enjoyed it quite a bit.  It's fun to hear about all the places we go now before herping was as popular as it is now."  
Bryan Hughes

"A good read and a must have for any field herper."
Ribello Bertoni

"It's odd to read these stories and realize you've been doing this longer then I've been on the planet." 
Clark Ladner

"Your book helped me meld into Arizona herping life..."
Bill Love

"Where can I get the book?"
Ty Woodgin

"I enjoyed your book immensely."
Kim Anderson Foose

"Richard Lapidus reveals himself as a brave and serious naturalist in the course of his humorous series of stories."
John Elvin

Praise for The Legend of Russian Bill...

Here is a write up from True West magazine, June 2016.
“In his historical novel The Legend of Russian Bill; Based on the Real Life Story of William R. Tettenborn (Five Star Publishing, $25.99), author Richard Lapidus takes us on an enjoyable and humorous journey back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, where we meet the famous and infamous, as he cleverly mixes fiction with fact.”  Marshall Trimble, Official State of Arizona Historian

“Richard Lapidus’s rollicking novel, The Legend of Russian Bill features historic characters like Ike Clanton…and Curly Bill Brocius befriended by the real William R. Tetterborn during his attempt to be a Western outlaw.”  True West Magazine, June, 2016 issue

“This is a crazy wild west tale rooted in truth. Richard Lapidus may have filled some gaps imaginatively but you can plainly see he's done his homework, he knows his characters and their era. He's a modern writer with feet firmly planted in the world of Wyatt Earp and cohorts of that time. For those who require depth rather than the typical shoot-em-up western there's the intriguing question of what we really know about another person, who are they behind the mask of the stories they tell?”  John Elvin, author of Murder by Bay Breezes, an Andy Holliday Travel Mystery

“Really enjoyed Russian Bill which I found to be a fun read and a true ‘knee-slapper’ in the grand tradition of ‘around the campfire’ storytelling. Would highly recommend this book for anybody looking for a light-hearted view of the old west and a doggone good story.”  Rick Mosolf, western history aficionado

“The way the legend unfolds you mentally switch from a concerned observer into a direct player in the midst of everything. You truly feel an attachment to the plight of Russian Bill on every level of your own personal grasp of the human condition. Written with brilliance and paced perfectly between feverish and detailed, I cannot recommend this work highly enough“  Michael Blain, author of Enigmas Like Us