Getting tired of so much Russia in the news? Read about the strangest Russian in the American Old West instead. In addition to the hardback and ebook edition, The Legend of Russian Bill is now available in a new, large print, paperback edition. Here's what True West Magazine said in their review:

"Russian Bill has been described as a man who wanted to be an outlaw in the worst way and that’s what he became after he arrived in Arizona in 1880. Tall and handsome, he dressed in fancy clothes, had elegant manners but he was more than a bad outlaw…he was a terrible outlaw.

In his historical novel The Legend of Russian Bill; Based on the Real-life Story of William R. Tettenborn (Five Star Publishing, $25.95), author Richard Lapidus takes us on an enjoyable and humorous journey back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, where we meet the famous and infamous, as he cleverly mixes fiction with fact."

All three editions (hardback, ebook and new large print paperback) are available at