The Legend of Russian Bill
Based on the Real-Life Story of William R. Tettenborn

Five Star Publishing
Release Date: April 20, 2016
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The story:

In 1880 one of the most unusual men to ever clink their spurs in the territories rides into Tombstone. He is tall and handsome, dressed all in white fringed buckskins, has long yellow hair and muststache, and one of his pearl-handled Colts is adorned with notches. He says his name is Captain William R. Tettenborn, formerly of the Russian army, and now here to find the notorious outlaw Curly Bill Brocius.

Everyone thinks that Tettenborn is a strange fellow. He speaks with a foreign accent and without the melodious cadence and slang that the people are used to in the mining camps. He politely buys them drinks however, and they listen to his wild stories about his mother being Russian royalty, that he is personally acquainted with President Grant and that he once shook hands with General Sherman and Lieutenant Custer, that he went hunting with Buffalo Bill Cody himself, not to mention all the men he killed.

Tettenborn catches up with Curly Bill in Galeyville, Arizona. That’s where Curly Bill tells the would-be rustler that Tettenborn is no name for an outlaw. From that moment hence he will forever be known as Russian Bill.
Will Curly Bill accept this oddball foreigner into the gang?

The Legend of Russian Bill is a historical journey through the mining camps and ranches of Arizona and New Mexico. It is a novel that begins with hero-worship and ends with unexpected love.